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  • STEM Week 2024

    Published 22/03/24, by Adam Gilbert

    Last week we had our annual STEM week, which was a great success (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)!

    On Monday we had a whole school focus on Engineering: we were tasked with becoming architects and engineers to create and make a British Landmark in groups with only spaghetti and marshmallows. Once completed we then had to evaluate our creations considering whether we had met our brief.

    On Tuesday, we became forensic scientists when a series of crimes hit Aragon. We had to analyse all the clues and then deduce who the perpetrator was.

    On Wednesday Years 1 to 3 were lucky enough to have a visit from the Happy Puzzle Company who challenged them with a series of mathematical puzzles. In KS2, we made the most of the newly installed Orienteering course to tackle a series of mathematical themed challenges.

    On Thursday, we became robotics engineers and games designers as we turned our focus to technology.

    A huge thanks goes out to the visitors who came in to deliver various talks to the children about their jobs within STEM:

    • Joanne Emmanuel - Clinical Researcher
    • Emily Roach - Engineer
    • Gemma Fromage-Crawford - Pharmacist
    • Simon Brown - Chair of the WLT
    • Jamie Bailey - Software Engineer
    • Jim Miles - Chief Officer, Merchant Navy
    • Kat O'Sullivan - Buyer for Sainsburys
    • Dr Marina Lomberg - Sustainable Gas Engineer
    • Louis Jearum - Civil Engineer
    • Bill O'Sullivan - Sales Director for Freeways
    • Dr Ullman - Midwife/Nurse
    • Deanne Everitt - Civil Engineer
    • Jan Mayoran - Finance Officer WLT


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  • Y2 - Ducklings

    Published 18/03/24, by Adam Gilbert

    As part of their Science unit on 'Animals including Humans' Year 2 were delighted to have some duckling eggs arrive at school.  Using our scientific skill of 'Observing Over Time', as scientists we observed the process of animal offspring starting life.  First, the eggs were stored in the incubator, keeping them warm.  Then, after a few days, the ducklings started to hatch.  A few hours after each duckling hatched it was ready to be moved into the brooding hutch. 

    As scientists, we learned that animals need food and water to survive, so we checked that the ducklings always had this available to them.  Unfortunately, one egg did not hatch, but as scientists we understand that not all animals always survive.  When the ducklings were big enough, we were able to stroke them, and Mrs Roach even put them in the sink in her classroom so that they could have a little swim.  It was a fantastic experience and has helped us to be super scientists!

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  • World Book Day 2024

    Published 15/03/24, by Adam Gilbert

    This years theme at Aragon was all about Reading for Pleasure!

    Our entire school recently took part in World Book Day on 7th March 2024! This incredible annual event is a charity event held in the United Kingdom and Ireland on the first Thursday in March. On World Book Day, every child in full-time education in the UK and the Republic of Ireland is provided with a voucher to be spent on books; the event was first celebrated in the United Kingdom in 1998. 


    It is important for children to develop a love for reading as it helps grow their vocabulary and their understanding about the world. The closeness of snuggling up with their favourite book leads to an increase in self-confidence and imagination, and helps children gain a wealth of knowledge from the books we share with them. 

    To kickstart the day, the whole school were invited to the MUGA in the playground for a costume parade. Each year group had a turn to parade around the MUGA showing off their wonderful costumes of their favourite book character. Miss Brown and Mrs Garcia chose 4 winners! However, all of the costumes were absolutely incredible so thank you! 

    Throughout the day, we did a variety of activities. We wrote stories just by choosing random words from the thesaurus to determine, the setting, characters, problem and solution. It was lovely to see the imagination and creativity flow.  

    We made ‘loo roll’ book characters which was great fun! In addition to this, we had a ‘trade off’ where children bought in books from home they no longer wanted and traded them with a book they wanted. We finished our day by watching some ‘Masked Reader’ videos where we had to guess who was behind the mask. 

    We are immensely proud of all our students for their enthusiasm and creativity during World Book Day.  

    Let’s keep the love for reading alive throughout the year and keep those pages turning! 

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  • Children's Mental Health Week

    Published 26/02/24, by Adam Gilbert

    Aragon Primary School was delighted to support 'Place 2 Be's' annual 'Children's Mental Health Week'. Held every February, 2024's week ran from the 5th11th February with the theme 'My Voice Matters.' Pupils at Aragon attended a launch assembly on the Monday morning discussing the importance of mental health and reducing stigma around this subject and increasing open dialogue.

    During the week, children participated in a number of activities linked to the theme 'My Voice Matters' including daily emotional check in's with staff, a special PSHE lesson using their voices to discuss different emotions, accumulating in a special 'Express Yourself' non uniform day where children were invited to wear a colour that reflected their feelings and to bring a small comforter toy from home. This week is just one of the many ways that Aragon Primary School achieves its long term commitment to making our school a place where all children feel that they can safely and openly express their emotions.


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  • Y1 Spotlight - Spring Term

    Published 26/02/24, by Adam Gilbert


    We have read the story of the Odd Egg. We started by how the duck in the story was feeling at the beginning. The children came up with great emotions: nervous, disappointed, confused and worried. We wrote a diary pretending to be Duck and we included feelings, adjectives and a question to end our diaries. This week everyone in year 1 has created their own bird and written sentences using interesting adjectives and written a fun fact about their bird. Each class will then put these amazing fact files together to make our own ‘Bird Spotter’s Guide’!


    We have just finished learning about different materials. We grouped different objects into what materials they are made from and spoke about the properties.

    “Plastic is hard and it can be lots of different colours” - Inaya

    “Glass is fragile because it can break easily” - Ted

    The children loved using magnets in the experiment finding out which materials are magnetic. We also learnt new scientific vocabulary: translucent, transparent and opaque. We used actions to help us remember what those new words mean!



    The children loved our recent topic called ‘Paper Play'. The children started by experimenting ways of folding strips of paper to make 3D models. Then we created larger sculptures showing the different folding techniques we had learnt.

    “I liked folding the paper lots of times to make a zig-zig and swirling the paper around a pencil” - Brooklyn

    Finally, we created pictures of trees using paper and tissue paper.





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  • Y1 - Artist Visit

    Published 26/02/24, by Adam Gilbert

    Last week, we were joined by Emily Fellah, children’s illustrator and artist. She spent time in each year 1 and 4 class sharing her journey to becoming a published illustrator. She gave tips on how to reach success and reiterated the message ‘never give up’ a moto she lives by.

    She shared some of her books and took us on an adventure meeting the characters she had created from superhero insects to gingerbread monsters!


    Then onto the main event. The ‘how to’ part of the session where Emily took us through the simple steps in creating our very own characters, from bears to robots and superheroes! She gave tips and hints throughout. The children all created their own pieces of work and were super proud of the final pieces.

    ‘I haven’t drawn a bear before; I didn’t know where to begin! I do now, I am going to show all my family tonight!’ Harliegh 

    ‘I can draw a whole family, a bear family, It was easy!’ Maddie

    ‘I have made a superhero worm, like Superworm, but my one!’ Arthur

    ‘I’m excited for the artist, I hope she can teach me how to draw!’ Albie


    ‘The children were buzzing all day, excited to get stuck in and all proud of their creations and ready to show them off! Lovely to see everyone involved and enjoying themselves! A year group of budding artists’ Mrs Lester

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  • Y2 - Wisley Gardens

    Published 26/02/24, by Adam Gilbert

    On Tuesday 20th February, the year 2 children had an exciting trip to RHS Wisley Gardens.  This trip has been organised to develop our knowledge linked to our science topic on 'Plants'.  When we arrived at the gardens we were escorted by the Learning Team at Wisley to the education centre.  After a brief introduction, we started our workshop titled 'How do plants grow?'  First, we were shown a variety of seeds and plants from across the globe.  Some of the seed pods were enormous and had come all the way from both Africa and South America.  We were then taken to explore parts of the gardens, where our guide explained to us about some of the tallest trees that grow at Wisley and how large their trunks will be when fully grown.  It was fasinating, and we were even able to apply some of our maths knowledge, thinking about if we were to measure the trees length would we do this in meters or centimeters. 


    After a good explore around the stunning gardens we went back to the education center and planted some seeds that we were able to take home with us.  By that point we were all ravenous, so we had a break for lunch before a fun packed afternoon exploring the famous glass house which homes exotic plants that you'd usually only see in deserts or rainforests.  At this point, we channeled our inner 'Henri Rousseau' the artist we have been learning about and sketched some plants like he used to in the Botanical Gardens in Paris.  To end the day, we spent a little bit of time in the natural play area.  Finally, after a long and exhausting day we were returned to school full of beans about what we had seen.   The children were incredibly well behaved and a credit to our fantastic school!   

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  • Storytelling Week

    Published 20/02/24, by Adam Gilbert

    Our entire school recently took part in Storytelling Week, from 27 January to 4 February! 📖 This incredible annual event is a vibrant celebration of the power that stories hold, reminding us of the joys of sharing them. ✨📚

     Stories have the remarkable ability to teach us about the world around us, letting us step into someone else’s shoes, encouraging empathy, and broadening our horizons. They also provide a means to relax and escape from the everyday, whilst nurturing essential literacy skills. 

    To kickstart the week,  Mrs. Ryder and Mr. Gilbert, shared an enchanting tale during our assembly. They then set a thrilling challenge for the children: to learn and retell a traditional story over the course of the week! 📚📝

     The culmination of this exciting week was a magnificent assembly, where each year group showcased their incredible storytelling skills. The performances were absolutely captivating! 

     Throughout the week, our eager students eagerly shared stories amongst themselves, and were treated to some mesmerizing tales from adults around the school. In addition to this, all parents, grandparents, aunites and uncles were invited in to school to read with their children and share stories.

    🌟 We are immensely proud of all our students for their enthusiasm and creativity during Storytelling Week. Their dedication to honing their storytelling skills was truly inspiring! 🌟

    Let's keep the magic of storytelling alive throughout the year, nurturing a love for tales that will last a lifetime! 💫📚

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  • Year 2 Spotlight - Spring Term

    Published 01/02/24, by Adam Gilbert

    Spotlight Year 2


    Over the past week, we have been looking at fairy tales in English. The children have had the opportunity to listen to a traditional fairy tale (Jack and the Beanstalk) and look at an alternative fairy tale (Jim and the Beanstalk). The children have had lots of fun acting out parts of the story, retelling the story and thinking of alternative endings or adaptations. One of the pieces of work that we were extremely proud of was this recount from David (2A).

    Please scan the QR code to hear their fantastic recount of Jack and the Beanstalk. What a treat!


    We have been enhancing our understanding of measuring. Our big focus this week has been looking at mass. The children have had a lot of enjoyment from estimating which objects from around the room have the same mass. Children have also been using words such as lighter and heavier to explain their understanding. Reading scales is also an important skill that we have been focusing on. Please see the photos below of the children in 2A accurately measuring items from around the classroom and comparing the mass of each item to a 500g weight.



    Despite the freezing weather, the children went on a nature hunt this week to look for objects that they could use to create different textures. To paint with, the children found sticks and leaves to create different textures and we also provided them with items such as cotton buds and bubble wrap. The children loved this activity as it allowed them to experiment with different materials and try to make different textures. The children will be using the skills they have acquired to make a collage over the next few weeks. Watch out Banksy (whoever you are) because we have some impressive artists in our year group. Please look at the experimental work from 2R.


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  • Y1 Spotlight - Autumn Term

    Published 20/12/23, by Adam Gilbert

    Well, what a first half term we have had!

    Welcome to Year 1. The team kick starting Key Stage One is Mrs Curl, Miss Hall, Miss Muir, Miss Grimes, Mrs Lynch and Miss Roberts. We are on the lower corridor just past Reception, before the year 3 stairs and are always around to say ’hi’ and would love for you to tell us something great about your day! Pop along on your way to lunch to see us!

    This half term we have been busy settling into our new year group, exploring all the new subjects that KS1 have to offer and reading lots of new texts. We have been making artwork using only line, we have been writing stories, lists and sentences including adjectives! In addition to this, we researched our local area and popped to our local park as well as working like a scientist and setting up experiments, measuring rainfall and making shadows.

    This week we have been learning about Guy Fawkes and made our own sparklers and firework pictures using chalk and glitter … our night skies lit up!

    One of our highlights has been making our special things in PSHE and learning what is special to different people. We have been practising giving and receiving compliments and sharing the love in Year 1.

    We have just begun to research windmills and will soon be making one of our very own! In PE we have been gymnasts … working on balance, rolls, stretch and jumps. We have grown so much already but are excited to see what Autumn 2 has in store. We have Christmas plans just around the corner.


    We have some new toys in our quad area, thank you to everyone who has donated, please keep them coming! We love to explore in the Year 1 quad and look out for the new additions out there.

    We are really enjoying our extra reading sessions in class and have been teacher swapping, as well as sharing book reviews and setting challenges to find books with animals, or that are set at night to name just a few! Next weeks challenge is to find a book that has bears in it. Can you name one? Come and tell us!

    Here are some of the children’s highlights this half term:

    ‘I love the quad, the dinosaurs roar!’ Archie

    ‘I like gym the best, I can do cartwheels’ Amie

    ‘Science is the best, we measure the rainwater in a jug’ David

    ‘I like our maths, counting and subitising and making lots of part part whole models, we do it every day!’ Arthur

    ‘I love the new reading books in our reading groups, they are long and we are reading big words … chunk them!’ Buddy

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  • KS1 Humanities Week

    Published 11/12/23, by Adam Gilbert

    History came to life at Aragon last week! The theme was "hundred years of history", where each year group had the opportunity to learn about historical events they may not had heard of before! It was incredible to see the buzz around school for all things history as children were immersed in the culture, politics and entertainment of days gone by.

    Year 1 had a very exciting week exploring their part of the Aragon Timeline 1900 - 1999. We launched our week with ‘let’s play fighter pilots’ where we learnt all the things we needed to know to fly a Spitfire. We then designed our own planes and made our very own Spitfires. We then went down memory lane with Mrs Bramble who told us what it was like for her during WWII and we learnt all about ‘evacuation’ We role played to explore the feelings of going on such a big adventure. We looked at steam trains and packed our own suitcases … we realised quickly how heavy they would be and that we could only pack what we really needed to take, we would be carrying it all ourselves! Gas masks were a shock to us. They looked a lot more scary than the Covid masks we wore a few years ago! Finally we finished off the week with researching the Morden Mosque that was built in our timeline and is the biggest Mosque in Europe.


    Year 2 explored the 19th century, 1800-1899. Queen Victoria was the monarch for most of this period. We learned about life as a Victorian child, the Industrial Revolution, Victorian artist William Morris and debated the issue of the British Empire. The children were not very keen on the idea of life as chimney sweep or domestic servant!


    On Friday 1st December, we opened the doors of the Aragon Museum where children presented their findings to each other dressed as a figure from history! A big thank you to all staff who helped made Humanities Week one for the history books!


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  • Y2 Spotlight - Autumn Term

    Published 24/11/23, by Adam Gilbert

    Year 2 have had a super and busy start to this academic year! Since September, we have been learning a broad range of topics. Last half term, as artists, we explored a unit called 'Map it Out' where we learned a range of artistic skills themed around maps. A highlight for the children was exploring printing by creating their own polystyrene tiles showcasing a section of their map and then using ink to create prints. In Autumn 2 we have moved onto Design and Technology and have been learning about why different 3D shapes are best suited for chairs, themed around the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and baby bear's chair. We have discovered that a cylinder is stronger than a cuboid and triangular prism as it has no vertices.

    Image preview   Image preview   Image preview

    Last half term, as historians we explored a unit on 'The Great Fire of London'. Mr Ashby, Mrs Roach and Mrs Wingate were blown away by how engaged the children were with this unit and the recall of key historical facts was phenomenal. We are currently learning about 'Kings and Queens' and have focused on some key monarchs from different periods, including William the Conqueror, Bad King John and Henry VIII. This week, we visited Hampton Court Palace to learn more about Tudor life under the rule of Henry. The children particularly enjoyed some of the more gory facts about Tudor life, including how Henry beheaded two of his six wives!


    Currently, in our Whole Class Reading sessions we are reading non-fiction texts. 2W and 2R are reading 'The Big Book of Blue' and 2A are reading 'Your Body'. The children have been fascinated by some of the facts we have been learning. Did you know that if a jellyfish is cut in two it will become two jellyfish?

    In PE, we are currently learning gymnastics with our class teachers and have been practising our skills of travelling, balance and rolling. We have lots of skilled gymnasts in our year group who have now perfected their 'teddy bear rolls' and arabesque balances. The children are loving the additional PE sessions with the specialist coach on Thursdays and there is always a real buzz about these lessons! Last week, 2W and 2R were lucky enough to visit St. Martin's church to participate in 'A Christmas Journey' (unfortunately, due to adverse weather conditions 2A were unable to attend). During this visit the children participated in a workshop learning about the true meaning of Christmas. We are incredibly impressed with the children's behaviour and how they represented Aragon at this event.

    Finally, we have started to learn our songs for our upcoming Christmas performance 'Hey Ewe', so you may hear your children humming or singing away at home- but no spoilers allowed, we are saving that for the big day on the 21st December.


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