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For a full overview of the Spanish Curriculum:

At Aragon Primary School, we believe that learning a foreign language is a vital part of a well-rounded education. Our curriculum was developed in collaboration with experts from Glenthorne High School and is taught by an experienced Spanish teacher. The aim of our Spanish curriculum is to provide students with a solid foundation in Spanish language learning and culture. Through a sequential progression of vocabulary, grammar, and language structures, we foster the development of linguistic competence. This includes the ability to understand and respond to spoken and written language, communicate orally and in writing, and explore different forms of language. Striving to equip our students with the necessary skills to communicate effectively in Spanish, we focus on the four key language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, enabling students to express themselves confidently and accurately. In addition to becoming competent Spanish speakers, we aim to develop students' understanding and appreciation of the Spanish-speaking world's rich and diverse cultures. By exploring cultural aspects, traditions, and festivals, we broaden their horizons and promote respect and tolerance.  


Our curriculum is carefully sequenced, building on children's prior knowledge and skills. We follow a structured framework that introduces new vocabulary, grammar, and language concepts gradually, allowing students to develop a solid foundation before moving on to more complex topics. There is an emphasis on written Spanish from Year 3 onwards as preparation for studying MFL at secondary school. We use a variety of formative and summative assessment strategies to monitor students' progress and provide regular feedback. Assessments include listening and reading comprehension exercises, written tasks, and oral presentations, enabling us to tailor instruction to individual needs and track overall attainment. Interleaving is used to ensure that key content is remembered long term and we encourage pupils to make connections between new material and previous learning. 

 Our students make significant progress in Spanish language learning throughout their time at Aragon Primary School. They develop a strong foundation in vocabulary, grammar, and language structures, allowing them to communicate confidently in real-life situations. The curriculum fosters students' confidence in using Spanish language and embracing Spanish culture, promoting a positive attitude towards language learning. Through engaging activities and opportunities for self-expression, students develop a sense of achievement, motivating them to continue their MFL learning journey beyond primary school. Our curriculum cultivates an appreciation for cultural diversity, breaking down barriers and promoting a sense of unity. The skills and knowledge acquired through our Spanish curriculum provide a smooth transition for students into secondary school language learning. They are well-prepared to continue their linguistic and cultural exploration in Spanish or other foreign languages.