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Early Years Foundation Stage

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  • Healthy Me Week 2023

    Published 14/07/23, by Adam Gilbert

    Healthy Me Week 2023 returns with a bang! 💥 🏃🏾‍♂️

    ‘Inclusion’ is this year’s focus of one of our most favourite weeks of the school year. We kicked off the week with a whole school assembly on the field whereby members of staff completed an obstacle race but with one of their senses removed to show what it’s like to compete with a physical impairment. Children watched and cheered on their teachers and then were able to have a go at some inclusive activities themselves including seated volleyball, goal ball and boccia.




    During Healthy Me Week all of the children across the school took park in ‘Art in Action’ topic work. This varied from making foil people in action, drawing people in action using a variety of styles and also taking photos of people in action.
    Below is a picture of a collaborative piece of art work created by a single piece of foil for each person (some exceptions for the accessories) where the children learnt the art of folding, twisting and cutting to make a person in action. Using just their hands and foil!

    No photo description available.


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  • Reception Park Trip

    Published 13/06/23, by Adam Gilbert

    We have been busy learning all about Our Planet in Reception and last week we went on a Scavenger Hunt to our local part – searching for a whole list of things to find in our local area. We had lots of fun; these are some of the things the children said about our trip:

    • ‘I love finding sticks and turning them into magic wands!’
    • ‘We saw a squirrel and watched it climb and jump’.
    • ‘We saw dogs in the park, they were running and chasing! There were 1,2,3,4!’
    • ‘I found a stone, it’s a small rock!’
    • ‘I liked walking with my friends, it keeps us healthy’.
    • ‘I found the gate first on our list, we have to have gates to keep us safe and to shut the park field when it is dark’.
    • ‘Animals live in the trees and make dens and nests.’
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  • National Numeracy Day 2023

    Published 25/05/23, by Adam Gilbert

    Last week, Aragon took part in National Numeracy Day 2023. All the children participated in a range of activities depending on their year group. Some of the activities outlined below are what all the children completed as a whole school approach.


    Across the school, children had to estimate how many pieces of maths equipment was in the jar. Estimation can be difficult and we had a range of different answers. Fatih (right) estimated 673 and Shafia (left) estimated 670. In total, there were 672 pieces of equipment. What an estimate!

    Estimate the Weight 

    Children were given the task to make a figure using cubes. At the start of the session, the children were given a weight that they needed to successfully make. The difficulty was the children were not allowed to weigh their figure until the end. To help assist the children, we provided them with 100g weights. Successfully, Betty-Lew (3A) managed to reach the target of 122g. How impressive!

    Shut the Box

    The children thoroughly enjoyed the challenging game ‘Shut the Box’. This game involves children having to subitise (recognise numbers without counting) and find the totals to remove all the wooden blocks.

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  • Cluckingham Palace

    Published 08/05/23, by Adam Gilbert

    Welcome to Cluckingham Palace!

    Well done to everyone who has joined us in creating chickens for King Charles Palace.

    We learnt of King Charles’ love for chickens and got creative.

    This is Aragon’s Cluckingham Palace, pride of place in the front office.

    We have a host of mediums used to create over 110 amazing chicken and hens! Ranging from artists aged 3 to 11! A whole school art piece compiled of art work from pupils in nursery to year 6!

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  • Easter Fun

    Published 21/04/23, by Adam Gilbert

    What a great day we have had!😀

    We started our day with our Easter egg raffle and had a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny! We were so excited😀 After our Easter raffle, we split off into our house teams where we practised our team chant and enjoyed reading an Easter story all about the Easter Bunny🐰

    Next we came back to Reception and had our own egg hunt. Each team had to collect the Easter eggs to see how many points they could win for their house team. Everyone did a great job but an extra special well done to team Unicorn who collected the most points🎉

    To finish off our fun morning, we each got to decorate a special Easter decoration to take home! This afternoon we made our own yummy Easter nest cakes! Yum!🐣

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  • Spotlight on Nursery - Spring Term

    Published 18/04/23, by Adam Gilbert

    Welcome to the Aragon Nursery Team:

    Miss Smith (Class Teacher), Mrs Sutton, Miss Boswell (Early Years Nursery Nurses) and Mrs Lynch (Early Years Teaching Assistant).

    What have we been up to this half term?

    At the start of this half term, we welcomed some more friends into Nursery and have worked hard to teach them our three Golden Rules to continue to build meaningful relationships. We are being kind and caring towards our new peers to make them feel safe and happy in their new environment.

    Our Golden Rules are:

    • Stay safe.
    • Be kind and friendly.
    • Look after our toys.

    This half term, our topic has been Ready, Steady, Cook and we have been focussing on stories that involve food and cooking. We have read; The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Gingerbread Man, The Giant Jam Sandwich and have even celebrated Chinese New Year! During our carpet sessions, we have been busy learning our Fab Five key words and completing different activities around the stories.

    Our unit of work in PE this half term has been dance and we have worked hard to learn a small dance routine. To celebrate Chinese New Year, we also learnt the traditional Dragon Dance! We had to work together as a team to move our dragon up and down and side to side in time with the music.

     We have also launched Foundations for Phonics from the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds scheme this half term! Each week, we have learnt a new sound and played lots of different games to consolidate our learning. Our new phonics display in Nursery helps us remember the sounds and allows us to hunt for more items that begin with the same initial sound.

     This week, we have also been participating in STEM week that has been happening across the school. On Monday, we had our very own Science Day and carried out lots of different experiments. We made a BIG explosion in the playground!! During busy time, we have also been exploring different sized magnets, designing, and building a bridge for the Three Billy Goats Gruff, and using the iPads to take selfies!

    We have had so much fun during this busy half term and cannot wait to have more exciting adventures in Nursery!   

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  • Spotlight on Reception - Spring Term

    Published 18/04/23, by Adam Gilbert

    Welcome to the Reception Team: Miss Pearce & Mrs McMahon in Beatrix Potter Class, Mrs Curl & Miss Grimes in Hungry Caterpillar Class and Miss Thompstone & Mrs Roberts in Winnie The Pooh Class. We also have Mrs Kent, Ms Fitzpatrick and Mrs Bassey throughout the week too.

    What is Reception life like?

    Well, it all begins with Early Morning Work – every morning the children come to school and complete challenges as we get settled into the daily routine. The children have become very independent in organising their own belongings and working independently on the carpet. Starting the day with a Maths Meeting where we find out the day of the week and checking the weather – we love this song and always hope for sunshine!

    Then we are straight into Phonics where we learn our daily sounds and practise our reading skills, segmenting, blending and sight reading our tricky words.

    Next, it’s time for our group reading where we get to enjoy a new book each week that we can read all by ourselves! The grown-ups are really impressed with how quickly the children are progressing, building great independence with reading and turn taking, listening to others read and following the words in their own books!

    Now it is time for some busy time! During the day the children access lots of different activities in and outside of the classroom. We play games, read stories, create in the art area, explore maths, relax in the thinking den, role play in the home corner, café, vets, or baby clinic and make up stories in the small world area. We often use puppets to retell stories we are learning about as well as going on hunts to investigate the world around us.

    One of the things we like most in Reception is the exploration table. Where we explore water, sand, mini beats, floating and sinking, playdough, magnets and much much more. Construction is fun too where we build tall towers, invent cars or build fireworks or robot heads with the straws.

    After some free flow exploring, we are ready for a snack and a story! We love to add in voices and expression – we practise this in our weekly prosody sessions. We love to put our detective eyes on and look for tricky words and digraphs and now trigraphs in the words we are reading.

    Then we are off to explore again while the adults help us in our catch-up groups. This is where we can revisit taught sessions to help everyone remember all that there is to remember! We practise our name writing and play flash card recognition games with our sounds and numbers. One of our favourite catch ups is when we play tricky word splat! That’s really fun.

    Now it’s time for maths! We have maths carpet session where we explore RekenRek learning to spot numbers quickly by using our moto ‘don’t count, say the amount’ this is subitising - a really tricky concept that the children are mastering.

    Then we investigate a maths topic such as adding or subtracting, doubling, shape and quantity. The children use lots of resources to explore these themes practically and then get to apply these skills within ICT games, workbook tasks and practical activities.

    Finally, after all this hard work we are off to lunch! Where most of us have a delicious hot meal ready for some outside play – sometimes in the big playground where we love to run, sometimes in the Year 1 Quad (where we try and climb the mountaineers climbing wall!) and sometimes back in our environment to explore the outside themed activities where the Early Years Practitioners support the children in their exploration.

    After some break time we are back inside for our topic carpet session, this will be based on many different themes and will cover many aspects of the Early Years Framework. We create mind maps of information we have gathered; we watch videos and presentations about our topic to gain knowledge to apply when working on the provision in our classes. Recently we have enjoyed learning about different celebrations, the Hungry Caterpillar story, Chinese New Year and now we are enjoying the traditional tale of the Gingerbread Man. At this time of the day we are building our confidence in working independently following instructions and completing tasks as a whole class. The children are really building stamina with this.

    Then it’s time for some group work where the adults work with the children to develop skills and knowledge around our themes, we dig a little deeper here and extend all children to enable them to reach their personal goals. We practise turn taking, writing skills, following instructions and completing personal tasks to meet our targets. Children also have the opportunity to explore in all 3 reception classrooms at this point, accessing even more exciting opportunities and working with a range of adults.

    After, it’s back to the carpet for a small review of the learning of the day, wellbeing check ins and a snack!

    Some of our busy days also include PE sessions and a focus on Music and ICT within the timetable too!

    Back to busy time and completing the afternoon challenges before we get ready for home, learning to be independent with gathering our belongings and packing our bags. This can be tricky some days with letters and work to include too!

    Then its Talk for Stories where we explore the features of different stories (including a range of texts) and the exciting vocabulary we can pinch for our own story telling. We love to predict what’s happening next! Then it’s song time with our daily nursery rhyme and a review of the busy day!

    And … off we go home!


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  • Fairytale Fitness Week

    Published 18/04/23, by Adam Gilbert

    This week in our Reception and Nursery classes, we have had Fairytale Fitness week. Every day the children in Early Years have completed a daily workout that has linked to this half term’s topic, ‘Once Upon a Time’. We have been:

    • Running on the spot (running away from Mr and Mrs Baker)
    • Ladder work (climbing up and down the beanstalk)
    • Squat (sitting in Daddy, Mummy and Baby Bear’s chair)
    • Star Jumps (the Troll jumping on to his bridge) 
    • Reach up and down (building the house for the 3 pigs)

    We are very pleased to announce that we have raised just over £1500 and we are very much looking forward to spending this money on purchasing new equipment for our outside area, with a particular focus on gross motor development. We would like to say a huge thank you for your support with this sponsorship and we cannot wait to show you what we have purchased!

    Take a look at the pictures to see all the fun we have had!


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  • Humanities Week 2023

    Published 23/03/23, by Adam Gilbert

    Last week was our first Humanities Week!

    Each year group were given a continent to ‘explore’, taking part in many different activities and lessons to immerse themselves in that continent.

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  • World Book Day 2023

    Published 23/03/23, by Adam Gilbert

    Thursday 2nd March saw the celebration of World Book Day. The children were so engaged in all the activities and there was a real ‘book-buzz’ around the school. We welcomed author Sylvia Bishop into school. She has written many books including, ‘The Secret of the Night Train’ and ‘The Midnight Thief’. With Early Years and Key Stage 1, she helped the children to develop their own stories, thinking about an animal to start them off. For Key Stage 2 she talked about the importance of finding a story in everything, and what to do if you have writers block. She gave the children tips and tricks by using games and exercises. We have also been lucky enough to buy some new dictionaries and thesauri’ and used these to write our own stories. We opened the pages randomly, and had to pinpoint a word and try and include that in the story – some of the stories took such an interesting turn based on what came out! Sharing books and stories with other year groups also took place throughout the day. Year groups were paired up and got to move around the school.

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