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School Lunches

Olive Dining Ltd | Fresh and Affordable School Meals

Olive Dining are delighted to be the new catering provider for Aragon Primary School.

We are passionate and committed to providing the most nutritious and delicious school meals. Our food is always freshly prepared on site, using the highest quality ingredients.

We offer exciting and innovative menus which run in 3-weekly cycles, each of which contains a variety of hot dishes with different concepts. Our cold deli bar also offers plenty of delicious, fresh salad options with a selection of freshly filled sandwiches and baguettes.


We have a dedicated on-site catering team who are skilled and trained in creating all our menus and dishes. We also have several fun themed days for students to enjoy which run throughout the school academic year.

For further information, you can view or visit their Instagram or X pages @olivediningltd


  • We use local suppliers who use environmentally, sustainable sources.
  • Our meat comes from Food Standard Assured Farms.
  • Our fish comes from sustainable sources.
  • We eat seasonal products requiring significantly less emissions. All our eggs are free-range.
  • We use traditional china plates & bowl to avoid waste.

Theme Days & Events

We have a range of theme days over the year for key events. Look out for your monthly theme day calendar so your children can enjoy these days and fun menus.


Allergy Information

Olive Dining take allergen compliance very seriously and we have a robust system in place. Full training is provided to our Chef & Ops teams. Our teams work closely with the school, the parents and their children to ensure they have the right food choices and our expert knowledge is used to guide them when making their selections. Once we have been informed of pupils’ allergies or special dietary requirements, we create a list of all pupils, their particular allergies and the process to follow should they be exposed to ensure that our staff have an easy reference guide to hand during service.

Our menus have all the allergens printed on them for each dish, these menus have been compiled by our Executive Chef team and are overseen and produced by our Nutriton Team. We don’t simply rely on our own well-developed quality management systems in this hugely important area, we also seek professional advice and guidance from a Dietcian and Food Safety Advisor. Our menus are analysed to ensure we offer a balanced choice for pupils. Our Development Chefs can be on hand at parents’ evenings to advise parents about their children’s specific dietary requirements and suggest alternative recipes or in some cases, menus within the constraints of these food intolerances, so that pupils do not unduly miss out on excitng foods that may be suitable for them.

To ensure that your pupils with special dietary needs are never put at risk, we have very tight controls and management systems in place within our kitchens and food serving areas. All food on shelves are labelled and separated based on levels of risk to prevent cross-contamination, and our Operations Manager will complete a specific Allergen Control Audit on a monthly basis to further clarify that we are preparing and serving food in a safe environment, giving you the reassurance of a dutiful, accountable and transparent catering partner.



Click on the following link to get more information about how you might be eligible for Free School Meals and how applying could benefit the school through Pupil Premium Grants

A Healthy Packed Lunch

Children are encouraged to bring a healthy packed lunch in a named lunch box or bag.  Whilst it is the parents’ choice as to what they put in their children’s lunch box, we do encourage a healthy mix, and we do not allow children to eat sweets, chocolate bars or drink fizzy drinks as part of their lunch. 

Getting ideas and inspiration for what to include in your child’s lunchbox can be a difficult task.  Healthy eating is simply about getting a better balance and eating a wide variety of foods.  All foods provide energy and nutrients and it is achieving the correct intake of those nutrients that is important for health.  Variety is the key to a healthy diet, so try not to offer the same foods on consecutive days.  By including a broad range of different foods, a much wider variety of nutrients will be eaten.  The ‘Healthier Lunchbox Checklist’ helps to explain what ‘a healthy mix’ means in terms of getting a good balanced meal in a lunchbox.

Healthier Lunchbox Checklist:

Have you included…?

  • A good portion of starchy food: e.g.  thick wholemeal bread, chapatti, pitta pocket, pasta or rice salad?
  • Plenty of fruit and vegetables: e.g. an apple, a satsuma, handful of cherry tomatoes or carrot sticks, mini-can of fruit chunks or small box of raisins?
  • A portion of milk or dairy food: e.g. individual cheese portion or pot of yogurt?
  • A portion of lean meat, fish or alternative: e.g. ham, chicken, beef, tuna, egg, hummus or bean/lentil salad?
  • A drink: e.g fruit juice, milk or water.
Please note that we are a NUT FREE school, so please do not send any nuts or products containing nuts (such as peanut butter or cereal bars with nuts) into school with your child.

The following links contain some useful information on healthy packed lunches: