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Reception Park Trip

We have been busy learning all about Our Planet in Reception and last week we went on a Scavenger Hunt to our local part – searching for a whole list of things to find in our local area. We had lots of fun; these are some of the things the children said about our trip:

  • ‘I love finding sticks and turning them into magic wands!’
  • ‘We saw a squirrel and watched it climb and jump’.
  • ‘We saw dogs in the park, they were running and chasing! There were 1,2,3,4!’
  • ‘I found a stone, it’s a small rock!’
  • ‘I liked walking with my friends, it keeps us healthy’.
  • ‘I found the gate first on our list, we have to have gates to keep us safe and to shut the park field when it is dark’.
  • ‘Animals live in the trees and make dens and nests.’