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Y1 Spotlight - Spring Term


We have read the story of the Odd Egg. We started by how the duck in the story was feeling at the beginning. The children came up with great emotions: nervous, disappointed, confused and worried. We wrote a diary pretending to be Duck and we included feelings, adjectives and a question to end our diaries. This week everyone in year 1 has created their own bird and written sentences using interesting adjectives and written a fun fact about their bird. Each class will then put these amazing fact files together to make our own ‘Bird Spotter’s Guide’!


We have just finished learning about different materials. We grouped different objects into what materials they are made from and spoke about the properties.

“Plastic is hard and it can be lots of different colours” - Inaya

“Glass is fragile because it can break easily” - Ted

The children loved using magnets in the experiment finding out which materials are magnetic. We also learnt new scientific vocabulary: translucent, transparent and opaque. We used actions to help us remember what those new words mean!



The children loved our recent topic called ‘Paper Play'. The children started by experimenting ways of folding strips of paper to make 3D models. Then we created larger sculptures showing the different folding techniques we had learnt.

“I liked folding the paper lots of times to make a zig-zig and swirling the paper around a pencil” - Brooklyn

Finally, we created pictures of trees using paper and tissue paper.