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Year 2 Spotlight - Spring Term

Spotlight Year 2


Over the past week, we have been looking at fairy tales in English. The children have had the opportunity to listen to a traditional fairy tale (Jack and the Beanstalk) and look at an alternative fairy tale (Jim and the Beanstalk). The children have had lots of fun acting out parts of the story, retelling the story and thinking of alternative endings or adaptations. One of the pieces of work that we were extremely proud of was this recount from David (2A).

Please scan the QR code to hear their fantastic recount of Jack and the Beanstalk. What a treat!


We have been enhancing our understanding of measuring. Our big focus this week has been looking at mass. The children have had a lot of enjoyment from estimating which objects from around the room have the same mass. Children have also been using words such as lighter and heavier to explain their understanding. Reading scales is also an important skill that we have been focusing on. Please see the photos below of the children in 2A accurately measuring items from around the classroom and comparing the mass of each item to a 500g weight.



Despite the freezing weather, the children went on a nature hunt this week to look for objects that they could use to create different textures. To paint with, the children found sticks and leaves to create different textures and we also provided them with items such as cotton buds and bubble wrap. The children loved this activity as it allowed them to experiment with different materials and try to make different textures. The children will be using the skills they have acquired to make a collage over the next few weeks. Watch out Banksy (whoever you are) because we have some impressive artists in our year group. Please look at the experimental work from 2R.