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KS1 Humanities Week

History came to life at Aragon last week! The theme was "hundred years of history", where each year group had the opportunity to learn about historical events they may not had heard of before! It was incredible to see the buzz around school for all things history as children were immersed in the culture, politics and entertainment of days gone by.

Year 1 had a very exciting week exploring their part of the Aragon Timeline 1900 - 1999. We launched our week with ‘let’s play fighter pilots’ where we learnt all the things we needed to know to fly a Spitfire. We then designed our own planes and made our very own Spitfires. We then went down memory lane with Mrs Bramble who told us what it was like for her during WWII and we learnt all about ‘evacuation’ We role played to explore the feelings of going on such a big adventure. We looked at steam trains and packed our own suitcases … we realised quickly how heavy they would be and that we could only pack what we really needed to take, we would be carrying it all ourselves! Gas masks were a shock to us. They looked a lot more scary than the Covid masks we wore a few years ago! Finally we finished off the week with researching the Morden Mosque that was built in our timeline and is the biggest Mosque in Europe.


Year 2 explored the 19th century, 1800-1899. Queen Victoria was the monarch for most of this period. We learned about life as a Victorian child, the Industrial Revolution, Victorian artist William Morris and debated the issue of the British Empire. The children were not very keen on the idea of life as chimney sweep or domestic servant!


On Friday 1st December, we opened the doors of the Aragon Museum where children presented their findings to each other dressed as a figure from history! A big thank you to all staff who helped made Humanities Week one for the history books!