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Y2 Spotlight - Autumn Term

Year 2 have had a super and busy start to this academic year! Since September, we have been learning a broad range of topics. Last half term, as artists, we explored a unit called 'Map it Out' where we learned a range of artistic skills themed around maps. A highlight for the children was exploring printing by creating their own polystyrene tiles showcasing a section of their map and then using ink to create prints. In Autumn 2 we have moved onto Design and Technology and have been learning about why different 3D shapes are best suited for chairs, themed around the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and baby bear's chair. We have discovered that a cylinder is stronger than a cuboid and triangular prism as it has no vertices.

Image preview   Image preview   Image preview

Last half term, as historians we explored a unit on 'The Great Fire of London'. Mr Ashby, Mrs Roach and Mrs Wingate were blown away by how engaged the children were with this unit and the recall of key historical facts was phenomenal. We are currently learning about 'Kings and Queens' and have focused on some key monarchs from different periods, including William the Conqueror, Bad King John and Henry VIII. This week, we visited Hampton Court Palace to learn more about Tudor life under the rule of Henry. The children particularly enjoyed some of the more gory facts about Tudor life, including how Henry beheaded two of his six wives!


Currently, in our Whole Class Reading sessions we are reading non-fiction texts. 2W and 2R are reading 'The Big Book of Blue' and 2A are reading 'Your Body'. The children have been fascinated by some of the facts we have been learning. Did you know that if a jellyfish is cut in two it will become two jellyfish?

In PE, we are currently learning gymnastics with our class teachers and have been practising our skills of travelling, balance and rolling. We have lots of skilled gymnasts in our year group who have now perfected their 'teddy bear rolls' and arabesque balances. The children are loving the additional PE sessions with the specialist coach on Thursdays and there is always a real buzz about these lessons! Last week, 2W and 2R were lucky enough to visit St. Martin's church to participate in 'A Christmas Journey' (unfortunately, due to adverse weather conditions 2A were unable to attend). During this visit the children participated in a workshop learning about the true meaning of Christmas. We are incredibly impressed with the children's behaviour and how they represented Aragon at this event.

Finally, we have started to learn our songs for our upcoming Christmas performance 'Hey Ewe', so you may hear your children humming or singing away at home- but no spoilers allowed, we are saving that for the big day on the 21st December.


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