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Geography Field Trips

Its been a few weeks of exciting Geography field trips for most of our year groups. 

Y2 Geography Field Trip

Last week, Year 2 went out on a Geography Fieldwork trip to Morden town centre. In their Geography lessons, they have been learning about life in Kenya and comparing it to live in the UK. One of the focus areas was learning about urban environments. Using various mapping apps, the children learnt about life in Mombasa, an urban city in Kenya. The children then went out and collected lots of first hand information and data about our local urban environment. On the trip, the children visited the underground station, the Civic Centre building, the high street and a residential road. The children were excellent at drawing comparisons between the two locations and understanding why Morden is a bustling town in our local area. They were all excellent geographers and could even make suggestions about to improve the local environment.


Y4 Geography Field Trip

Year 4 made the trip to Morden Hall Park. Linking to their Geography work on the Amazon River, they looked at the River Wandle, sketching it out and following its route on the map. They also participated in some orienteering games and map work.


Y5 Geography Field Trip

Year 5 took to Morden Park. They had to ‘geog’ their memory and remember back to their route travelled to swimming. They first drew a map from memory. On Google Maps, they then looked at road maps, street views, and terrain maps to see how similar they were to the ones they had made. They then set off and drew more accurate maps as they walked. Finally, they looked at the terrain of the park, and made larger scale maps using multiple pieces of paper.


Y6 Geography Field Trip

Last week (of course before singing happy birthday to Mrs Allan), Year 6 headed out to survey the local area (Joseph Hood Memorial Park) and decide its suitability for a case study. The children used the iPads to rate the area’s cleanliness, safety and appropriateness. They also practised their map reading skills to navigate their way to and from the park.


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