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World Book Day 2023

Thursday 2nd March saw the celebration of World Book Day. The children were so engaged in all the activities and there was a real ‘book-buzz’ around the school. We welcomed author Sylvia Bishop into school. She has written many books including, ‘The Secret of the Night Train’ and ‘The Midnight Thief’. With Early Years and Key Stage 1, she helped the children to develop their own stories, thinking about an animal to start them off. For Key Stage 2 she talked about the importance of finding a story in everything, and what to do if you have writers block. She gave the children tips and tricks by using games and exercises. We have also been lucky enough to buy some new dictionaries and thesauri’ and used these to write our own stories. We opened the pages randomly, and had to pinpoint a word and try and include that in the story – some of the stories took such an interesting turn based on what came out! Sharing books and stories with other year groups also took place throughout the day. Year groups were paired up and got to move around the school.