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School Council - Houses of Parliament

Mrs Jones would like to thank our amazing school council for being so excellent on our recent trip to the Houses of Parliament with our local MP Siobhain McDonagh. It was a brilliant day and the children learnt so much about the origin and reasons behind certain parliamentary traditions. If you see any members of our School Council, ask them about the 'black rod', what Queen Victoria thought of the House of Lords the first time she saw it or why the colours red and green were chosen to the different houses. I'm sure they would be happy to share with you, all that they learnt. We even had our own School Council meeting over lunch in the parliamentary building itself, where we voted on this month's Teacher of the Month! How official is that?

Throughout the day, they showed themselves to be enthusiastic, attentive, sensible and well-mannered. I was so proud of them and they should be so proud of themselves. Well Done School Council! Thank you to Siobhain for inviting us.

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