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Year 6 Spotlight - Spring Term

Trips galore in Year 6! 

Last week was a very busy week for Year 6 as there were 3 excellent trips which the children thoroughly enjoyed over the course of the week. Before and after school booster sessions have also started to help prepare the children for their SATs in May. 

We're soaring, flying!

Last Tuesday, Year 6 were invited to watch Glenthorne's dress rehearsal of High School Musical! The children loved watching  all the excellent singing, dancing and acting and has inspired lots of the children to audition for the Year 6 production in July. The pupils and staff enjoyed pointing the familiar faces of lots of our ex-Aragon students who performed wonderfully! 

Citizenship Day

As our pupils grow up, we believe it's important to begin preparing the children for the wider-world. Last Thursday, the pupils participated in an engaging workshop led by different groups of the people teaching them how to stay safe in the community and what to do in emergency scenarios. The children got to meet the police, paramedics, Neighbourhood Watch Team, TFL, cycling safety team, fire brigade and the clean air pollution team. 


Sandown Races: 

Thank you to Racing to School for an incredible school trip to Sandown Park Racecourse last Friday for one of our Year 6 Maths groups. Many of the children experienced a race day for the first time with lots of engaging maths activities planned throughout the day, some of which included: working out the area of the parade ring, converting between metric and imperial measurements, learning how to read a race card and understanding probability. One of the children said ‘This was the best school trip of my whole time at Aragon’ while another said ‘I’ve learnt so much, I can’t wait to come back here!’ The children got to wear jockey silks for the first time and come up close to the horses that raced! 🐎