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Y6 Sandown Race Course

Last Friday, some of our gifted Year 6 mathematicians had an unforgettable adventure at Sandown Park Racecourse, all thanks to Racing to School! 🎉

🔢 Throughout the day, our enthusiastic children dove into a world full of engaging maths activities that left them thrilled. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Parade Ring Area: They flexed their mathematical muscles by working out the area of the parade ring, putting their geometry skills to the test! 📏
  • Metric and Imperial Conversion: Converting between metric and imperial measurements became a fascinating challenge for the children. Who knew maths could be so practical? 💡
  • Reading Race Cards: By learning how to interpret race cards, our students discovered the intersection of numbers and probability. They were hooked from the start! 📊

😃 One of our students couldn't contain their excitement as they described the trip as the "best school trip of my whole time at Aragon!" Another proudly declared, "I've learnt so much, I can't wait to come back here!" It's moments like these that make every school trip worth it! 🚌

🔴 The highlight of the day was when the children got the chance to try on jockey silks for the first time and get up close to the magnificent racehorses! 🐎

We are immensely grateful to Racing to School for making this day possible and giving our children an incredible learning experience. 🙏