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STEM Week 2024

Last week we had our annual STEM week, which was a great success (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)!

On Monday we had a whole school focus on Engineering: we were tasked with becoming architects and engineers to create and make a British Landmark in groups with only spaghetti and marshmallows. Once completed we then had to evaluate our creations considering whether we had met our brief.

On Tuesday, we became forensic scientists when a series of crimes hit Aragon. We had to analyse all the clues and then deduce who the perpetrator was.

On Wednesday Years 1 to 3 were lucky enough to have a visit from the Happy Puzzle Company who challenged them with a series of mathematical puzzles. In KS2, we made the most of the newly installed Orienteering course to tackle a series of mathematical themed challenges.

On Thursday, we became robotics engineers and games designers as we turned our focus to technology.

A huge thanks goes out to the visitors who came in to deliver various talks to the children about their jobs within STEM:

  • Joanne Emmanuel - Clinical Researcher
  • Emily Roach - Engineer
  • Gemma Fromage-Crawford - Pharmacist
  • Simon Brown - Chair of the WLT
  • Jamie Bailey - Software Engineer
  • Jim Miles - Chief Officer, Merchant Navy
  • Kat O'Sullivan - Buyer for Sainsburys
  • Dr Marina Lomberg - Sustainable Gas Engineer
  • Louis Jearum - Civil Engineer
  • Bill O'Sullivan - Sales Director for Freeways
  • Dr Ullman - Midwife/Nurse
  • Deanne Everitt - Civil Engineer
  • Jan Mayoran - Finance Officer WLT