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Maths No Problem​​​​​​​

The mission at Aragon Primary School is to improve the standards of Mathematics for every child.  To do this we have adopted methods and principles developed in Singapore but which fully align to the 2014 National English curriculum. 

The Singapore approach uses Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract methods of learning and follows a 3-part lesson structure;  Anchor Task, Guided Practice and Independent Practice.  The main emphasis is on problem solving using taught strategies.  Lessons are practical, fun and engaging with carefully chosen activities to both support and extend all the children's learning.  Importantly children are given time to focus on smaller areas of learning for longer periods of time to begin to gain 'mastery'.

We have teamed up with Maths No Problem, a company which provides world-class text books and teaching resources.

Take a look at Mr Ashby's blog, posted on the MNP website:

Have a look at  Maths No Problem website