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House Teams



We have four houses to which children are assigned when they enter Reception: Dragon, Griffin, Phoenix and Unicorn. The house names were voted for by pupils in 2017.

Each house represents a British Value, a country in the United Kingdom and has its own colour. Children wear a tie and PE t-shirt to match their house colour.

  • Dragon: Yellow, Respect and Wales
  • Griffin: Red, Liberty and England
  • Phoenix: Green, Tolerance and Northern Ireland
  • Unicorn: Blue, Democracy and Scotland.

In Years 5 and 6, children can put themselves forward to be a House Captain or Vice-Captain. During the process they have to complete an application form outlining why they would be a good candidate for the position. The senior leadership team will then read through the applications and decide on who should become the next house and vice captains. 

It is a great honour to be elected to one of these positions. The Captains and Vice-Captains represent their Houses and play a prominent role in House meetings and in supporting their House in different events.

We compete in houses during our sports day and in other various intra-sporting events. Throughout the year, the school run various competitions and events, in which children can win points for their house - both for taking part and winning an entry.

Every adult at Aragon awards House Points for good work, excellent behaviour and various positive actions. House points are awarded throughout each half-term and the winning house (the house with the greatest number of house points at the end of the half term) can win a prize. This is usually a mufti day or film afternoon.

Our House and Vice-House captains for 2023 – 2024 are:

House Captains

Dragon House


Griffin House

Dani Girl

Phoenix House


Unicorn House


Vice-house Captains

Dragon House


Griffin House


Phoenix House


Unicorn House


Each house has also created our own house chant. They are planning to use these at competitive events throughout the school year. They go like this:

Autumn 2023 House Afternoon

On Wednesday 20th December, we held our first House Afternoon for this academic year. The children gathered in their houses and reminded themselves of their house chant - they nearly blew the roof off! They also listened to the story of How the Grinch stole Christmas and held a competition for which house could make the longest paper chain. The children were also given the opportunity to bring into school their favourite toy to play with. This gave all children the chance to play with, not only the people in the same house, other children from different year groups, cultures and different interests. The staff noticed there were many new friendships being made during our house afternoon and this continues out on the playground too. It was great to see a mix of children all playing together within their house community. We can't wait until the next one at the end of the Spring Term.

Spring 2024 House Afternoon

On 27th of March, we held our Spring term's house afternoon.  It was a delightful afternoon filled with Easter and Spring-themed festivities as all the children at Aragon Primary gathered in their house teams. They were bubbling with excitement, embarking on a creative journey. With stencils in hand, felt-tip pens and imaginations running wild, they set out to craft the most heartfelt Easter or Spring-themed cards for someone special. The air was filled with laughter and chatter as they meticulously designed each card, pouring their creativity onto paper. Witnessing their joy and enthusiasm was truly heart-warming. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to express themselves while mixing with their siblings and children from different year groups.