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Welcome to Our School

Thank you for showing an interest in our school. We welcome pupils from Merton and Sutton.

Aragon is a very popular three form entry school set in spacious grounds to allow and encourage healthy outdoors activities. The teachers and governors value honesty, care and respect for others, a sense of responsibility, creativity and imagination and an understanding of what it means to live in a close community.

We are committed to safeguarding the welfare of all our pupils and believe that all children, whatever their abilities, their strengths and weaknesses should be given the same opportunities, the same support and encouragement to learn and to develop academically and spiritually in a secure, loving and disciplined atmosphere.

We consider that learning should be a pleasurable activity and therefore all children should work hard and so recognise and achieve their maximum potential with a strong sense of self-worth. Children are encouraged to have high expectations of their achievements, to be confident of their individuality, to be able to share their experiences with others and to respect different beliefs.

Every child’s achievements, however small, are highly valued by the whole school community.

We believe in a broad curriculum, emphasising the creative arts for example Room 13 art studio, as well as the “three Rs”. This gives every child a chance to shine: we want every child to find at least one thing at which they excel.

If you have any questions or require more information please email the school at aragon@aragon.merton.sch.uk

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to Aragon.

Clare Ryder, Headteacher