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British Values at Aragon



Promoting British Values at

Aragon Primary School




                                                                               By Room 13 at Aragon Primary School



At Aragon Primary School we take opportunities to promote British Values through our

assemblies, through our lessons and through our wider curriculum.

We firmly believe everyone should be tolerant and respectful of each other.



Rule of Law

Individual Liberty

Mutual Respect

Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs



All children are involved in the democratic process of choosing, by voting,

School Council representatives, House captains and Eco-warriors each year

Pupil voice – Pupils are regularly consulted on school issues through class

discussions and activities and their comments used to help improve our school

Pupils follow Aragon’s Golden Rules

Assemblies on General Elections and Local Elections


Rule of Law

All children and adults follow the School Behaviour policy

School values are embedded throughout Aragon

Reward systems are in place for children who demonstrate

our school values and behaviour policy

Our positive behaviour system has clear expectations

Assemblies linked to rules and laws

Children reflect on their behaviour and learning

Visits form the Community Police



Individual Liberty

Children at Aragon are encouraged to make choices in a

safe, secure and supportive environment

Through our PSHE curriculum we discuss choices and

the need to make right choices 

Anti- bullying week and robust Anti-Bullying Policy

Children are given freedom to make choices: extracurricular

clubs at lunchtimes and afterschool

School Council

Fundraising for charities such as Children in Need, Jeans for Genes

Residential School Trips, day trips



Mutual Respect

Aragon values inclusivity at all times

This is fostered in all our curriculum subjects

Anti- Bullying Week

Positive behaviour policy

Peer mediation to help resolve small playtime issues

School Council

All children and adults are treated respectfully

We value good manners



Tolerance of those of different

cultures, faiths and beliefs

Different faiths and beliefs are explored and celebrated

through assemblies and the RE curriculum (eg Hinduism in Y5 and Sikhism in Y3)

Stories and books from world faiths and cultures

Displays of different faiths and cultures

Visits to places of worship are being developed in our RE curriculum

Visitors to our school



The Prevent Duty

How are we at Aragon building resilience to radicalisation?

The promotion of fundamental British Values

Enabling children to debate controversial issues in a safe environment

SMSC, RE, PSHE & Global Learning curriculum content

Learning behaviours and year group values

Promotion of useful sources of information through school website

Ensuring that children are safe from terrorist and extremist

material when accessing the internet in school.

Training for staff