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Key Stage 2

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  • Year 3 Spotlight - Summer Term

    Published 25/05/23, by Adam Gilbert

    In Year 3, we have been looking at legends such as St George and the Dragon. From this, we have designed and created our own terrifying beasts! We have used them to write descriptions, our own legends and even a non-chronological report about them. We have since moved onto looking at ‘The Present,’ where a boy receives a dog! This means that Miss Blake has brought Archie in, so we can imagine what it’s really like to have a dog!

    In maths, we have been looking at graphs. We have created and used the information to answer questions about bar charts and pictograms. We are now working hard with money; creating amounts, finding totals and working out the change. It would be great if you could practise this at home!

    We have had a great time in DT designing and making our own sandwiches! We learnt new skills such as designing, cutting and spreading. We even got to taste test them!

    We are really looking forward to having a Sikh workshop at the end of term!

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  • National Numeracy Day 2023

    Published 25/05/23, by Adam Gilbert

    Last week, Aragon took part in National Numeracy Day 2023. All the children participated in a range of activities depending on their year group. Some of the activities outlined below are what all the children completed as a whole school approach.


    Across the school, children had to estimate how many pieces of maths equipment was in the jar. Estimation can be difficult and we had a range of different answers. Fatih (right) estimated 673 and Shafia (left) estimated 670. In total, there were 672 pieces of equipment. What an estimate!

    Estimate the Weight 

    Children were given the task to make a figure using cubes. At the start of the session, the children were given a weight that they needed to successfully make. The difficulty was the children were not allowed to weigh their figure until the end. To help assist the children, we provided them with 100g weights. Successfully, Betty-Lew (3A) managed to reach the target of 122g. How impressive!

    Shut the Box

    The children thoroughly enjoyed the challenging game ‘Shut the Box’. This game involves children having to subitise (recognise numbers without counting) and find the totals to remove all the wooden blocks.

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  • Year 4 Spotlight - Summer Term

    Published 08/05/23, by Adam Gilbert

    Summer Term here we come! In Year 4, we’re looking forward to an amazing last term together. So far we’ve had a very busy first two weeks back. Last week, we started our new story in English called ‘Tar Beach’ and have been writing playscripts for the very first time. Through this book, we have learnt about the ‘George Washington Bridge’ and all its marvellous features, which will help us design and pitch our very own bridges next week in a ‘Dragons Den’ themed event.

    In Maths, we have been learning about converting between different lengths, mass and volume (including decimals). Now, we are moving onto area and perimeter. We’ve already really enjoyed practically calculating the area of our classroom tables using square sheets of paper.

    This half-term we are also learning all about seasonal food in D.T lessons. We were incredibly excited this week to create our own versions of ‘Eton Mess’. Over the course of Lesson 2, we developed our cutting and whisking skills. Most children rated the dessert a solid 10/10 after some taste testing! Some children were so engaged in their food technology topic that they even took the recipes home to have another go! Please do upload any pictures to seesaw if you do, we’d love to see them; the Y4 teachers were absolutely thrilled to see the pupils so enthused in their learning!

    In Science, our little scientists have been learning about animals including humans. So far, we’ve learnt about the different types of teeth and even started to create our own teeth model using clay and card.

    Lastly, it was so lovely to see so many of the Y4 parents and carers for our Year 4 Coffee Morning last week – we hope you enjoyed your visit. Please take a look at the pictures attached to see all of our incredible Year 4 learning in action...

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  • Whole School - Cluckingham Palace

    Published 08/05/23, by Adam Gilbert

    Welcome to Cluckingham Palace!

    Well done to everyone who has joined us in creating chickens for King Charles Palace.

    We learnt of King Charles’ love for chickens and got creative.

    This is Aragon’s Cluckingham Palace, pride of place in the front office.

    We have a host of mediums used to create over 110 amazing chicken and hens! Ranging from artists aged 3 to 11! A whole school art piece compiled of art work from pupils in nursery to year 6!

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  • Year 5 - Museum(s) Trip!

    Published 21/04/23, by Adam Gilbert

    Year 5 had a wonderful time on Friday 27th January on their trip to not one, but TWO of London’s best museums, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum.

    Our first stop was the Science museum. We explored the wonders of space ahead of our new science unit next half term and learnt more about America’s race to put a human on the Moon. We then explored the key events of creating modern machinery, visiting the James Watt section of the museum to get up close to one of the first steam trains ever built!

    After a quick pit stop for lunch, we were off again to the Natural History Museum. We first embarked on a journey to the centre of the Earth! We were able to use our knowledge from our geography lessons to correctly identify the different layers that make up our Earth’s structure before learning about what happens during an Earthquake! We even took a trip through the Earthquake simulator to experience the ground moving beneath our feet (don’t worry, we held on tight!). After we caught our breath, we entered the creepy crawlies exhibition, which caused quite a stir for some of our students (and teachers) before going to visit our good friend Dippy the dinosaur in the dinosaur exhibit.

    Year 5 not only represented the school impeccably at both museums, but also on their journey to and from school on public transport. We had many members of the public come up to us to say just how fabulously well behaved and polite our students were, and we couldn’t agree more!

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  • Spotlight on Year 5 - Spring Term

    Published 18/04/23, by Adam Gilbert

    Welcome to the Wizarding World of Year 5. As you may have guessed, we have been studying Harry Potter in English.  We have been writing persuasive pieces, selling broomsticks and tickets to our very own Knight Bus; creating descriptions, of Hogwarts and the professors; producing our own narratives, finishing the Prisoner of Azkaban in the style of J.K Rowling; and writing a commentary for a Quidditch match. All these pieces of writing have been ‘magical’. The Professors have been stunned by the progress they have seen in our student wizards’ use of specific literary features.  To conclude our topic, we visited Harry Potter Studios and absolutely LOVED it! Seeing the sets and props up close was such a treat. The staff there commented on how polite the children were and, as teachers, we were incredibly proud of them.

    In Maths, we have conquered fractions, decimals, and percentages. Not a small feat, as we had to use a third of our brain for fractions, 0.33 of our brain for decimals and 33% of our brain to work out the percentage! We are 100% sure, we could convert anything you asked us to.

    Our Science has been out of this world! We have been focussing on Space and know the difference between a Geocentric Solar System model and a Heliocentric model; we currently believe in a Geocentric Model where planets orbit the Sun and Earth rotates on an axis. We know the order of the planets and have created some fascinating fact files.  Did you know the rings of Uranus are vertical?

    A huge thank you to St. Martin’s Church for their wonderful Easter Journey Story. They had put on such a fantastic immersive retelling, that really engaged the children and made the story come to life. It was a super opportunity and we are so grateful to them for inviting us.

    In Design and Technology, we have been practicing our sewing skills.  After this, we then designed and made our own cushions. Threading the needles was probably the most challenging part, but we were then able to join the material and add decorative interest. 

    The epicentre of our Geography this term has been Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes. We got to make models of the tectonic plates using Oreos, and even better that we got to eat them after! We were lucky enough to take a trip to the Natural History Museum and experience what it would feel like to be in in a stage 4 earthquake – we all had wobbly legs after.

    The excitement over our P.E sessions has been palpable as our focus sport was Football.  The children have participated well with this and enjoyed the skill-based work and the matches we have been playing.  We have some children who would be brilliant playing for England; they would give Beth Mead or Bukayo Saka a run for their money!

    For PSHE we have been looking at ‘Healthy Me’ and exploring at the potential negative impacts of an unhealthy lifestyle.  We have also spoken about media influence and how these can have a detrimental effect on our attitudes and outlooks.  Learning how to put someone in the recovery position is a fundamental skill, that all the children now have. Year 5 have contributed well to the discussions and communicated their understanding of the importance of the topics raised.

    All that is left to say is, “Mischief, managed!”


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  • Spotlight on Year 6 - Spring Term

    Published 18/04/23, by Adam Gilbert

    Say hello to the Year 6 Team: 

    Miss Ballantine, Miss Franks, Mr Myers, Mrs Jones, Mrs Cox and Mrs Knott. 

    We all love working in Year 6 because we love seeing how responsible and thoughtful our pupils become and we enjoy supporting and guiding them to become the fantastic role models to the rest of the school that they are.

    We are grateful to be able to support and prepare the children with their transition to high school and we love seeing how much the pupils mature and thrive in the short space of the academic year.

    Throughout the year, we are lucky enough to cover some fantastic topics in the curriculum, a firm favourite with children so far being our current History topic: World Wars I and II. The children have retained an incredible amount of new information and go about learning the content in a respectful and mature way. The children are really excited for their trip to the National Army Musuem (21st March) where they'll be able to immerse themselves in historic artefacts, workshops and interactive activities. This links well to our new DT topic, where we're creating our own models of WW1 Anderson Shelters.

    We welcome Sam, a tennis coach from the Tim Henman Foundation, who is delivering Year 6's PE lessons this half term alongside the class teachers. This week, the children made models of blood to link with their Science topic 'Animals including humans' whereby the children understand the components of blood and the Circulatory System. We'd like to finish with a very big well done to the children. With their SATs approaching (9th-12th May), the children have been taking the prospect of these seriously and have been working like champs to further improve their mock scores, with many of the year group attending before and after school boosters. We are so proud of every single one of our Year 6 pupils and we cannot wait to make many new memories with the children in the next one and a half terms that they have left with us in primary school! 


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  • KS2 - Football Competition

    Published 11/04/23, by Adam Gilbert

    We’re so proud of our Year 5&6 inclusive football team! They attended a tournament yesterday and played against lots of other local primary schools. They won 3 games, drew 1 and narrowly lost 1. Mrs Knott, Gio and the children had such a fun (and muddy) day- the children were fantastic and represented the school astonishingly well. Thank you to Gio, one of the coaches from Sean McInnes Sports Coaching for managing the team so well!

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  • Humanities Week 2023

    Published 23/03/23, by Adam Gilbert

    Last week was our first Humanities Week!

    Each year group were given a continent to ‘explore’, taking part in many different activities and lessons to immerse themselves in that continent.


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  • Year 3 and 5 - Diwali Workshop

    Published 23/03/23, by Adam Gilbert

    The most well known story told during Diwali celebrations is in the Ramayana, the great Hindu epic about prince Rama and his wife Sita. This important literary work has been shared orally and through dance for centuries.

    Led by a West End choreographer, the children in Year 3 and 5 vividly imagined and physically embodied the different roles, dramatic situations and actions of the main characters in the Ramayana as they retold elements of this epic story through dance.

    Diwali is embraced by a number of religions and is a metaphor for the idea of selfimprovement. By retelling the famous story through dance, children improved their cultural understanding and confidence in self-expression.

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  • KS2 Girl's Football Tournament

    Published 23/03/23, by Adam Gilbert

    Thank you Raynes Park High School and Sixth Form for hosting a fantastic Year 4, 5 and 6 girls football tournament. It’s so great to see so many of our girls eager to play sport with such enthusiasm, especially after the success of the lionesses last summer! 🦁 ⚽️

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  • World Book Day 2023

    Published 23/03/23, by Adam Gilbert

    Thursday 2nd March saw the celebration of World Book Day.

    The children were so engaged in all the activities and there was a real ‘book-buzz’ around the school. We welcomed author Sylvia Bishop into school. She has written many books including, ‘The Secret of the Night Train’ and ‘The Midnight Thief’. With Early Years and Key Stage 1, she helped the children to develop their own stories, thinking about an animal to start them off. For Key Stage 2 she talked about the importance of finding a story in everything, and what to do if you have writers block. She gave the children tips and tricks by using games and exercises.

    We have also been lucky enough to buy some new dictionaries and thesauri’ and used these to write our own stories. We opened the pages randomly, and had to pinpoint a word and try and include that in the story – some of the stories took such an interesting turn based on what came out! Sharing books and stories with other year groups also took place throughout the day. Year groups were paired up and got to move around the school.

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